# /keybase/public/gellenburg Various miscellaneous and sundry items I don't mind sharing with you, the public. ## About I am a 40s -something IT Analyst for a Fortune 500 in Atlanta. ## Contact [Email](george@ellenburg.net) is my preferred contact. I use [ProtonMail](https://protonmail.com). If you use ProtonMail our Emails are automatically encrypted end-to-end. My next preferred form of contact is with [Signal](https://whispersystems.org/). Signal encrypts your communication while it is at-rest and in-transit. If you know me, then you already know my numbers. Note, my 770 number is the one I freely give out, yet rarely answer (and it's usually powered off). The 678 number is my iPhone. Last, feel free to send me a First Class letter. Any mail that's not First-Class is automatically discarded. ``` George Ellenburg PMB 225 2550 Sandy Plains Rd Ste 223 Marietta GA 30066 ``` ## The Goods * [I Heard it on a Podcast.mp3](I%20Heard%20it%20on%20a%20Podcast%20%28Tell%20the%20FCC%20to%20Stick%20It%29.mp3) — Song from the early 2000s made popular by Adam Curry's podcast (NSFW language). * [KeepKey/linux.md](KeepKey/linux.md) — In order for the KeepKey USB hardware wallet to be recognized on Linux, you have to modify your UDEV rules. * [keybase.txt](keybase.txt) — My KeyBase proof for [gellenburg.keybase.pub](https://gellenburg.keybase.pub). * [keys](https://keybase.pub/gellenburg/keys/) — Various PGP & SSH public keys of mine. * [nginx-ssl-wp.txt](nginx-ssl-wp.txt) — When using NGINX with WordPress, this config will get you a really good score from the Qualys [SSLLabs](https://www.ssllabs.com) Server Test. * [pics](https://keybase.pub/gellenburg/pics/) — Miscellaneous pics & photos. Some screen shots. Some might be NSFW. * [plan.txt](plan.txt) — My planfile. Just checked, it's still accurate. :-) * [scripts](https://keybase.pub/gellenburg/scripts/) — Miscellanous scripts I've coddled together to make my life a little easier. Most are for my Mac and a Terminal windows. Use at your own risk. No gurantees, and NO SUPPORT. * [Secure Online Police Book](Secure+Online_Book_2016_07_GlosPol_CoBadged.pdf) — Written for the UK's Metropolitan Police, provides useful information for securing yourself online. * [software](https://keybase.pub/gellenburg/software/) — Miscellaneous software sources I want to ensure have been vetted and legit. * [Twitter Header Template](twitter-header-template-PSD.zip) — {ZIP} Photoshop document template for Twitter's new profile header. * [undum-master](https://keybase.pub/gellenburg/undum-master/) — Undum is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventer framework in HTML5. * [useful-shit.txt](useful-shit.txt) — Various commands and information to make my life eaiser. * [wordpress-htaccess.md](wordpress-htaccess.md) — Securing your WordPress installation through .htaccess. * [wpcli.txt](wpcli.txt) — Commands I use to set up a new WordPress blog using WP-CLI. I hope you find these as useful as I do. If you'd like to share something with me privately, simply go to the following folder on your computer (if you have KeyBase installed): ``` cd /keybase/private/[YOUR USERNAME],gellenburg/ ```